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Opus open up new horizons in electronic way...

Eric Prydz released fresh longplay, entitled Opus. Studio disc consists of 19 tracks, which took place on 5 February on Virgin Records.

Swedish DJ, now based in Los Angeles, still venture to break the 4-year silence the loud, and that a fresh plate. Such a prolonged silence may well be due to enormous by the standards of an album of songs. 19 39-year-old author of the songs performed in a usual format for musicians, namely, progressive house, trance.

Pryda (Eric Prydz) this time we prepared a fascinating electronic trip through the universe of Opus. Longplay can and is not intended as a thought, there is a joint one shared history, but turned out to be almost-painfully sweet sound transitions between songs, and generally overall picture album.

The Eric Prydz Opus invited only two, namely, Rob Swire, who distinguished himself on the track Breathe, and The Cut, which contributed to the development of musical history composition Moody Mondays. By the way, the song Breathe particularly notable and deserves special attention, because she's one of the few songs that not only gorgeous from a musical standpoint, but also contains such rare fact in the works of Eric Prydz like vocals.

Eric Prydz and his studio disc Opus opens new horizons in electronic path and demonstrate how sweet, deep and original songs can be electronic. Pleasant listening!

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Eric Prydz

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