Anyone can get a hold of your favorite tunes and admire...

II became the new studio work for the collective Everlyn. Longplay released 20 may at Autoeditado and has 10 tracks.

Quaint and quite unusual musical duo straight from the hot Madrid is ready to please you with a fresh portion of modern and soulful music. In his music combine elements from such Everlyn genres like alternative, indie rock and pop.

The longplay II many listeners will find something for themselves. One has only to compare the songs differents example My Left Side track and Second Best, who recorded with the participation of Stephen Christian. The first song performed in a soft and radio familiar position, simple melody of the acoustic guitar, gentle female vocals and the explosive chorus. With regard to the Second Best, then here we are met by an already overloaded guitar sound, but all the same pleasing female vocalist whose leitmotif nonstop breaks to your heart and tries to enjoy you. The song That Day at all deserves separate study. Visiting artist Kyle Lucas brought a pinch of r'n'b in track and the work itself is heard quite unusual and contrasts with longplay.

In general, the result was that their new studio and Everlyn LP was standard and at the same time unusual and memorable. In the vast II everyone can grab their favorite tunes and admire them. Very nice work from young Spanish duo. Highly recommend to all.

07.07.2016 12:05:28

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