Explosions In the Sky
The Wilderness

Mood LP very melancholic...

Explosions In the Sky release new album, called The Wilderness. Longplay absorbed myself 9 fresh compositions, which came out April 1 on Temporary Residence Ltd.

The authors of the original soundtracks to many films, tv series, and video games and just an excellent post rock band from United States released seventh studio work account. It is interesting to note that at home in America, longplay The Wilderness was adopted by listeners and critics not so warm as previous work released in 2011. Which cannot be said about Britain, where fresh got up to 39 positions in the official singles chart.

Two permanent guitarists and no less permanent drummer this time gave this world only 9 songs. Perhaps this is only disturbed by The Wilderness. Now talk only about pleasant.

Explosions In the Sky new longplay in simply stunning artwork, which literally dements. The duration of the songs varies widely among themselves, from 3 to 8 minutes virtually. The mood of the LP as felt post rock, very melancholic, but here you'll surely smile. The American trio have no candidate of his fuse and power their handwriting and audio chips remained timeless constant, which continues to conquer the hearts of lovers of instrumental music. Immerse yourself in new work from famous guys from Explosions In the Sky, we are sure, that you forget about time, even while listening to the LP's hot.

18.04.2016 12:12:45

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Explosions In the Sky
The Wilderness

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