Born In Coal Dust

The album was braced and insolent...

Fontaliza released a new studio album, which was named born in coal dust. The album saw the light on April 3 on Lavina digital and contains nine compositions.

For a young rock trio from Ukraine, the record of born in coal dust became the third in discography. This time, the musicians decided to continue the success of the second full-length and performed all the songs in English. The first thing to note is that the Fontaliza are a mixture of the alternative rock and indie rock. The Fontaliza to create a new job was inspired by such incorruptible and famous collectives as Muse, Nirvana, Oasis and Radiohead, so the fans of the note.

Born in coal dust is one of the biggest yearnings in the home and the native edges, which is clear not only from the name, as the musicians are from a small mining city, but also from the overall theme of the compositions. However, it turned out that the album was far from gloomy and depressive, but a characteristic of fontaliza - bracing and daring. The sound of the album also ranges from light indie rock to extremely powerful alternative rock with fuzz guitars. To sum up, Fontaliza is growing professionally and leaving the third no proof.

Born in coal dust of the young community of Fontaliza was extremely worthy of your attention. If you want to hear something British, but with a Slavian color in your voice and atmosphere, be sure to get acquainted with the fresh studio work of the trio Fontaliza. Everybody enjoy the Audition!

24.05.2017 06:18:11

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Born In Coal Dust

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