Gareth Emery
100 Reasons To Live

Tracks mentally accelerate the onset of summer and the long-awaited vacation...

Gareth Emery release fresh album, which received a very life-affirming title 100 Reasons To Live. Studio work released 1 April on Armada Music and contains 14 songs.

35-year-old DJ from the uk recently released their fourth studio disc, which is simply impossible to ignore. For those not familiar with the work of Gareth Emery, a musician working solo in such stylistic branches like trance and house.

On 100 Reasons To Live, according to tradition, Gareth Emery, invited a great number of stellar guests. For you to understand the scale of this, note that the only two tracks on 100 Reasons To Live, performed by the author himself. Some guests brought a vocal variety that blends with trance music. An excellent example of this is where she was Gavrielle, together with the culprit in today's celebrations on the track Far from Home. In a record 100 Reasons To Live and also attended other DJs: Joseph, Ben Gold and others.

Fresh longplay British author still shows us a hundred reasons to live. The disc has a crazy energy and great mood. Tracks included in 100 Reasons To Live mentally accelerate the onset of summer and the long-awaited vacation. Decent and powerful electronic LP from the English DJ and producer will not leave you indifferent.

11.04.2016 17:20:51

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Gareth Emery
100 Reasons To Live

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