Magma even with first dating is extremely good...

Gojira released a new studio creation that was called Magma. The album was released June 17 on Roadrunner Records and consists of 10 tracks.

Famous French metal band Gojira released longplay, who became the sixth team in history. Magma release actually quite a significant event for the entire metal community for many reasons. Firstly, the previous longplay musicians came out almost four years ago, and secondly the output of each album is accompanied by long-term discussions as Gojira is famous for its brilliance and approach to creating music.

So it happened this time. Magma, even with extremely good first acquaintance, and with more detailed and close contact is detected that the disc twice good. The compositions included in Magma thought as before. Never gone was skilful design compositions, characterized by progressive metal, remained in service well into the previous groove metal, the basis of which is the excuse the tautology, groove metal. With regard to death metal, it has become somewhat less and only rare echoes every now and then will be wary of notify you about its presence in many compositions. From the entire pack tracks highlight some of the work in relation to the Magma and Gojira, yes it would be sacrilege, but so be it,. Rana song released as a single under the name Silvera, can pretty well describe the spirit of total fresh album of the French, but it is far from the most important hit Magma, because its simply not here.

Each output a fresh album from Gojira accompanied by a sense of deja vu among fans, because every n-th number of years we are all the same enthusiasm and the same aesthetic pleasure from the new album, Gojira that and for the first time. Pleasant listening!

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