Grave Pleasure

Lifeless desert brings atmosphere into post-apocalyptic world...

Grave Pleasure released a new musical work that was named Dreamcrash. The album was released 4 September on Metal Blade Records and consists of 11 tracks.

Hot Finnish guys and one lady create second longplay for their story, released not without help. As an Assistant made no someone and legendary music label Metal Blade Records. Certainly, those who are a bit monitors the world of heavy music, already guessed that we are waiting for something interesting and difficult, but all in order.

Firstly, the surprise was not the limit, when it turned out that the famous metal label picked up in the care of musical formation, which works at the junction of gothic rock, deathrock and post punk. Yes, in vain you potiraete eyes, all that way. Secondly, Grave Pleasure tearing the stereotype about all sound artists collectives add-on label. Grave Pleasure sound dry, but not dirty, with a share of mid and lower frequencies are missing completely. No wonder musicians in all official portals say they play an apocalyptic death-rock. Cover of fresh Dreamcrash absolutely confirms it is dry, lifeless desert brings atmosphere into post-apocalyptic world that all his appearance denies hope for the future. The actual soundtrack.

The album sounds very bleak and atmospheric. Perhaps the best album in this genre over the past year.

24.09.2015 11:15:44

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Grave Pleasure

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