Green Day
Revolution Radio

New studio album clearly liking all lovers of creativity of the gang...

Green Day released their latest studio disc titled Revolution Radio. The album was released on Reprise Records on October 7 and consists of 12 compositions.

Green Day released its new studio disc Revolution Radio, which is occupied by the 12-th position in the discography of the American legends of punk music. It is impossible to say exactly what the new album did not have certain expectations. After a fairly disastrous 2012 year trilogy studio Revolution Radio turned out to be surprisingly pleasant.

Mood, like Green Day believes quickly replaced by lyrical motives towards uncompromising punk rock. Speaking of style fresh plates can be described as a combination of the aforementioned punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock. After the first acquaintance with Revolution Radio, you can mark a whole galaxy of excellent songs, among which we can mention the composition of the same LP as well as hit named Bang Bang.

This year was truly a holiday for all fans of the cheerful Californian music and its various branches. Green Day on par with many unable to burn the disc, which not only enjoy the old guard, but fans may well attract fresh blood.

Such diversity as the Revolution Radio it's impossible to get lost, but easy to find your own favorites. Also forgot to mention that on the disc also captures a coroprate handwriting American musical formations.

Green Day and their new studio album clearly liking all lovers of creativity not only gang. Pretty good studio album from the pioneers of the style. All pleasant listening!

13.12.2016 12:26:52

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Green Day
Revolution Radio

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