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Heaven Shall Burn released a new album called Wanderer. The album consists of 12 tracks, which took place on 16 September, Century Media Records.

The famous metal Banda from Germany Heaven Shall Burn this year has pleased fans of his work release album Wanderer, who took eighth place in the discography of the group. This time the musicians have sufficed three years to come up with something new, but it is specific to themselves. Wanderer is hardly something brilliantly new, if we talk about the genre and the band, but to write off from the accounts of Wanderer certainly cannot.

Wanderer is a blend of many beloved melodic death metal and metalcore controversial. Heaven Shall Burn in his career so well and properly learned how to combine data musical manifestations that it already can be called almost a separate subgenre. Tracks included on the album, were colorful and cheerful. The instrumental constituent new album Heaven Shall Burn may somehow remind Parkway Drive does not always and everywhere, but similar riffs often slip through. Heaven Shall Burn are trying to keep pace with the times and it pretty well. The gang successfully depart from the cliche metalcore, bringing in his own music and new items.

Wanderer by Heaven Shall Burn clearly will interest all fans of modern heavy music quality and dynamics. Good Studio album from veteran genre. Pleasant listening!

21.11.2016 08:40:56

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Heaven Shall Burn

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