The gang works on smooth pattern...

Hellyeah released their fresh longplay named Unden! Able. The album was released June 3 on Eleven Seven Music and consists of 13 new tracks.

American supergroup Hellyeah released its fifth studio work. The composition of Hellyeah as before includes personalities, namely Mudvayne frontman and drummer for Pantera, but now we are not talking about it. At the dawn of their activities, have embarked on the establishment of Hellyeah slaughter groove metal and heavy metal with a small proportion of nu-metal. For all five longplays the situation has not changed either, as they say. And if the first plates were taken with the enthusiasm of fans, the fifth disc, things took a different turn.

Of course, if you're a fan of the genre and directly collective, Unden!Able You have to be able to taste, but if you come to life something really fresh and unusual from Hellyeah, we have bad news for you. Fresh plate of Americans exactly reminiscent of Blood for Blood 2014 model year and all previous work together. Selfcopying, of course, the musicians have not yet started, but apparently, all this goes. After exploring Unden! Able one has the impression that the gang works on smooth pattern that tested over the years.

Summing up a small summary, it should be noted that Unden!Able from the supergroup Hellyeah can be extremely interesting to fans of creativity, and other attendees, the disc may seem repetitive and not interesting, except for some of the hits album.

08.07.2016 13:24:52

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