Hollywood Undead
Day of the Dead

This is the style, which can be for everyone, even those who are not listening to heavy music.

A relatively young band from Los Angeles (2005 year) Hollywood Undead performing music in the style of rap rock, has become very popular in our time, and in a decade existence has already released four albums, and received two awards.

Team: J-Dog-vocals and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer and computer processing. Charlie Scene-lead guitar and vocals. Johnny 3 Tears, screams and vocals. Funny Man-vocals, MC. Danny-vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar. Da Kurizz-drummer.

The group even has its own symbol. It is a dove carrying a grenade, according to one of the parties to the collective, he symbolizes what in our lives there is always a choice, and everyone decides himself what it would be.

As this group is different from their colleagues that they wear masks. From the beginning they were primitive, but with the release of each album they changed and became more epic and semantic. The claim that the mask will change with the arrival of their new album.

In 2015, the guys have presented their new release of Day of the Dead. This album was recorded during the 2013-2014 onwards, every time the team takes the release of this album, it is not clear for what reasons.

This album includes 12 songs, for the most part they played in their style. The album is rhythmic, a nice mix of music and vocals will delight and it is not loading, easy music, although it refers to rock. This is the style of singing, and that can be for everyone, even those who are not listening to heavy music.

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Hollywood Undead
Day of the Dead

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