Infected Mushroom
Return to the Sauce

Infected Mushroom always surprised his love of experimentation...

Infected Mushroom have released a new studio disc titled Return to the Sauce. Longplay was released 27 January on HOMmega and has 10 songs.

The legendary Israeli electronic duo this year delighted all their fans 11-th studio album. Infected Mushroom always surprised his love of experimentation, which were almost always successful. This time the eye and talented hands Israelis died on psychedelic trance, electro and a bit of a glitch.

Each new release of the duo meets due love. Here you will be assured of a hundred, that will be just fine. And this time Infected Mushroom did not disappoint. LP was extremely expressive and interesting and it becomes clear just. It is interesting to note that the length of the songs grew on average and to Return to the Sauce is about 7 minutes. A small feature of the disc is the track Gravity Waves from Xerox and remix songs of Demons of Pain.

Return to the Sauce from the duo Infected Mushroom will immerse you in full frenzy of electronic music, as well as give a lot of positive emotions. You will find gorgeous, awesome music album from electronic music connoisseurs. If you are a fan of trivial electronic music, then you will definitely enjoy Return to the Sauce. All pleasant listening!

18.04.2017 09:51:33

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Infected Mushroom
Return to the Sauce

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