Bending Light

The album is extremely leisurely: leisurely over kill to the beginnings of nirvana and tranquillity...

Isles released a new album, which received the name of Bending Light. Fresh Studio work consists of 9 tracks, which occurred on October 20 on their own record label collective.

Musical collective from Oakland Isles did not pursue, any mercantile purposes, and makes for the people. The beginning of such a wonderful tradition begins along with Bending Light. It would present ignorance equate Bending Light and their authors to orthodox expression of post rock. Here lies much more emotion than in post rock, this clearly, as far as musical tag, perhaps it should be noted that the musicians did not disdain to add some typical moves from progressive and complex music.

Virtually all of what you hear, it's not annoying riffs and silent revelation. Depth: Bending Light is simply astounding. The album is extremely measured and its leisurely course takes to the beginnings of nirvana and tranquillity. Of course, this whole "Zen" diluted excellent pinch of melancholy, which permeated every melody and picture. Usually musical releases that are issued without vocals, not praise, but Bending Light a case, it would have been superfluous.

Perhaps this is not quite the correct comparison, but something in common between the Isles and Chon is only the second major and increasingly dynamic, but fans note worth to take. Bending Light from the Isles, you can say midnight work, and perhaps kindest to you, dear listeners.

17.11.2015 09:16:14

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Bending Light

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