Jamie xx
In Colour

All the tracks are really unique, both in its content and your mood...

1 June a new plate from Jamie xx, known In Colour. The album consists of 11 tracks, retired Young Turks Recording.

Young English DJ Jamie Smith, better known as Jamie xx released his recent album, that can compete in the race for first place among the uniqueness of thought and originality of execution.

As you know Jamie xx is distinguished by its love for various releasing a variety of compositions, but the musician sick beat someone else's songs and musician took up its Staf. Artist in his new disc trying to fit all the thoughts that he had accumulated for the whole creative path. It is worth saying that guy real talent, and In Colour has turned out more than wonderful.

All the tracks are really unique, both in its content and your mood. Jamie xx invented their own style and behavior, due to which, the young guy was able to conquer more than one hundred people.

11 fresh songs filled with something inexplicable. Mood, which is present in the songs, sometimes has a somber tone, though was more than mildly and pleasantly. Not spared and the fate of guest musicians, which the British electronics engineer invited to twinkle. Among those performers you'll notice Romy and Oliver Sim. On compositions of SeeSaw and Stranger In a Room clearly audible hand guest musicians. It's great mix and without the extraordinary work of English origin.

Finally I want to say that Jamie xx gave a kick many electronic music musicanats around the world. The guy doesn't take creativity thoughts and vision on the future prospects of electronic styles.

05.06.2015 15:42:12

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Jamie xx
In Colour

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