Marvelous phenomenon in the world of music...

Automaton became a new album for Jamiroquai. The record was released at Jamiroquai Limited on March 31 and consists of 12 songs.

Jamiroquai is a marvelous phenomenon in the world of music, which is rare, but is a straightforward way to get his listener straight into the heart. The new commonly of the English team interrupted seven years of silence. Over automaton worked 10 talented musicians under the leadership of the unchanged leader Jay Kay, and the fruits of their work became fantastic. Automaton, speaking of genre, took the best of disco, acid jazz and funk, so sitting in a chair is unlikely to work.

Among the new 12 tracks are an incredible number of different songs, none of which are similar. Dr Buzz, the self-titled song No, Cloud 9 and vitamin, deserve separate mention.

There is no general mood for the album as it is. In automaton, each individual job is a specific subject, with its atmosphere and mood. The instrumental part of Automaton is also richer than ever, and the vocals Jay Kay solemnly rises above the turbulent glory of musical instruments as well as many years ago.

Automaton from the English team Jamiroquai is one of the most loud and memorable comebacks of this year. Definitely this release needs to hear the masses. Without cramp and shame, you can put five records of Jamiroquai. Strongly recommended. Have a nice audition!

27.05.2017 05:54:28
Genres: Pop, Disco, Acid Jazz, Funk

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