Jan Blomqvist
Remote Control

For those who appreciate a calm and relaxed atmosphere...

Jan Blomqvist has released a new longplay called Remote Control. Album consists of 12 songs, which occurred on 26 February on Armada Music B.V.

Jan Blomqvist hard to treat as a solo artist, because under that name lurks not only Jan Blomqvist, who is a composer, vocalist and one of the few people who engaged in will's own music. The composition of Jan Blomqvist also included Felix Lehmann, playing keyboards, and Christian Dammann, acting as the drummer on the tour. But that's all lyrics, let us move on to the object of our current reasoning - Remote Control.

Including album Remote Control immediately comes visits suggested that Jan Blomqvist is originally from Germany, and true. Berlin musician combined his new album is enough melancholic vocals, melodies and lush introspective bits. All these elements eventually give studio material not previously seen depth. Remote Control is included into number of records where there is no place for walk-through compositions, each individual topic deserves attention of the listener, which venerates electronic mix of electro, deep house and alternative dance. Remote Control carries such sedate mood, without fanfare and pathos.

Summing up a small summary, it should be noted that the recording Remote Control two guests were invited, and The Pitoulis Eleta Bianca Story.

Remote Control by Jan Blomqvist has no right to be missed by your ears. Unusual studio work from the German musician for those who appreciate the music calm and relaxed atmosphere.

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Jan Blomqvist
Remote Control

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