The Lost Chapters

Commonly came out of an incredibly memorable...

Jasta released a new studio record, called The Lost Chapters. The album was released on Stillborn records on March 31 and has nine compositions.

Jamey Jasta has never been disappointed in any of its many projects. Solo creativity has been carried out with special care and feeling. The lost chapters took the second line of the Hatebreed leader's solo discography. The new commonly is executed in the spirit of debut, but more structured. The stylistic boundaries of the album are between metalcore, hardcore with groove metal elements.

It is interesting to note that the pure vocals of the Jamey Jasta are present in the chorus of each second composition, namely, irregular, back for what matter, small inserts vocal on until we bleed again, Buri alive, and of course shasing demons, recorded together with Howard Jones from Devil You Know and ex-vocalist Killswitch Engage. The rest of the tracks are concentrated metal, without any compromise. This structure of the album will not give any fan of heavy music a miss. Commonly came out of an incredibly memorable, fusion, Groove and a taste of old school.

Jasta with his new studio work The lost chapters will have to taste many heavy music fans, because there is not only art here but an absolute balance. Studio work is far from once. Have a nice audition!

1. This Is Your Life (02:59)
2. Parasitic (03:17)
3. The Same Flame (03:05)
4. Back to What Matters (04:05)
5. Until We Bleed Again (03:32)
6. Chasing Demons (feat. Howard Jones) (03:40)
7. The Immortal (03:10)
8. Deadly Business (03:15)
9. Buried Alive (04:54)
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The Lost Chapters

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