Dancehall Lyfe

The pleasant melodies of sunny Jamaica...

New Studio work from JKP received the name Dancehall Lyfe and consists of 11 songs. Longplay was released on his own eponymous record label collective.

Starting to talk about the new disc, JKP, I would like to say that the group itself is unique. Very few musical examples that are so well blended reggae, electronic and dance. From the first, all students are guaranteed a great mood, the second and third sets on the activity and will immediately take to the dance floor, no wonder the album got its name Dancehall Lyfe.

11 cheerful and cheerful songs will not lose heart. A pleasant melody of the Sun of Jamaica will head for a long time and will not scroll more than one hundred times. Excellent electronic arrangements create a unique style of collective, which cannot be confused with anything.

The absolute condition for publication of material on his own label indicates a high level of skill of the band producer. Given this moment all audiophiles before listening to Dancehall Lyfe should not worry about the quality of the sound.

Lots of interesting ideas will open their listeners for JKP its fresh album. Even if you're not a fan of reggae, definitely look into the world of JKP-Dancehall Lyfe, he promises to be interesting. Dancehall Lyfe of a number of the works that perfectly fit into the music library to any person with diverse musical tastes. JKP did a quality release, not after reading that you can miss a lot.

1. Tonight (02:11)
2. Style (02:25)
3. Free Lyfe (01:53)
4. She Want (02:25)
5. Touch (02:41)
6. If She (02:09)
7. Digger (02:06)
8. Danger (02:06)
9. Crush (02:04)
10. Lyfe (02:06)
11. Hot (02:01)
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10.05.2015 07:25:23

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Dancehall Lyfe

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