The Fall Of Hearts

Longplay turned to grim and melancholic atmosphere...

Katatonia released a new studio album, which was called The Fall Of Hearts. Longplay was released May 20 on Peaceville Records and consists of 13 songs.

After four years of silence, the Swedish team of Katatonia released his commemorative 10-th studio recording, which has not only added to the discography of the gang, but several changed the vector of development group.

For a start, it should be noted that The Fall Of Hearts debuted several new participants, namely drummer and another guitarist. You can't exactly say, has freshly baked style change, the participants of the group, but on The Fall Of Hearts we can observe that the genre framework Katatonia expanded significantly and shifted in the direction of the gothic rock, progressive rock, with elements of alternative metal and doom metal. In this regard, The Fall Of Hearts is the most controversial work for the group because it has turned out not so much longplay metal how much to the atmosphere and gloomy and melancholic atmosphere.

Literally from the first composition feels that four years have passed in a titanic work, in which the musicians tried to get the ball rolling and seriously expand your repertoire.

Not that drastically changed for the Katatonia one of the parties, but The Fall Of Hearts convinces the listener that despite serious age band, band is ready to change and bring in their music, all new and new items.

The Fall Of Hearts definitely deserves the first position in your playlist. And yet, the interesting point is that The Fall Of Hearts it is advisable to listen to from beginning to end, to fully get into the mood of the studio work, because that is the whole point.

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The Fall Of Hearts

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