American Teen

Each song is good in its own way...

Khalid released his new album, which was named American teen. The album was released on March 3 to RCA Records and consists of 15 songs.

A 19-year-old musician from Texas released his debut full-scale record, which, to put it mildly, surprised. After the first acquaintance with American teen, the impression was that it was a mature musician with an unskilled experience on his shoulders. Stylistic American teen resembles a mix consisting of alternative, r'n'b, and pop. Instrumental records are incredibly good, even was and predictable. Direct vocals of the young Khalid also pleasantly surprised by their sense and atmosphere.

From particularly memorable and favorite songs, I'd like to mark down, lets go, coaster, hopeless, and location. But these are not all the interesting compositions on the album. Each song is good in its own way and gives the listener a lot of positive emotions. The mood of no American teen is rather measured, but not without youthful strife, so you'll love it.

If you want to hear something classic in the spring, but it's the original of the modern scene, the debut album by Young artist Khalid, called American teen, is what you need. A good and thoughtful job that deserves your attention. Have a nice audition!

22.05.2017 08:37:39
Genres: Pop, R'n'B

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American Teen

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