Open door KONGOS unusual music for everyone...

KONGOS released a new studio album called Egomaniac. Longplay was released by Epic Records on June 10 and consists of 13 songs.

Quite unusual musical quartet, consisting of brothers KONGOS, released their third full-length album. The disc opens up for all his listeners the vast musical spaces, consisting of classic alternative rock and the sultry African kwaito - what is actually a distinctive African interpretation of house music.

Third studio album brothers of the United States turned out to be more open and cheerful. The Egomaniac reigns just a fantastic atmosphere, which literally motivates on any action. Separately want to dedicate a song called Where I Belong, where the listener simply will not be able to dodge positive promise of kwaito music. We cannot say that longplay is quite varied - it is in the spirit of the previous two longplays KONGOS, so if you are an admirer of this group, you're definitely arrived at the right place. For the rest of the listeners would like to mention that the studio work is quite easy and simple to understand. Egomaniac could perform as a background task and become the main target of your concentration.

This is the third time KONGOS open door of unusual music for everyone. Egomaniac differently interesting and memorable. Pleasant listening!

28.07.2016 15:49:55

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