Gods Of Violence

Good and tight album that deserves your attention...

Kreator released a new album, called Gods Of Violence. The album was released through Nuclear Blast on January 27 and consists of 25 tracks.

The famous german heavy metal band released its 14-th studio disc, which continues the ancestral tradition as a group and style in general. Not superfluous will remind you that These are some of the most prominent representatives of the german school of thrash metal. Many might wonder why new longplay entered up to 25 tracks, and here's the thing. The album includes 10 specifically new works, while the remaining songs are a live version of the old songs that were performed in the year 2014 in german wacken.

With specific regard to the new album Gods Of Violence, everything remained the same level as the one album back. Moderate aggression, great lyrics, good sound, great classic riffs, which though not bring innovations in style, but definitely will love to fans of the genre.

In general, the Gods Of Violence will satisfy fans of the band and genre, as well as amateurs like heavy styles, originally from the 80s. Good and tight album that deserves your attention. Pleasant listening!

19.02.2017 10:35:53

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Gods Of Violence

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