Blackfathom deeps gloom, alternating insane glee messengers of fate...

Hoffnung for the famous band Lacrimosa became the new studio work. The disc is a 10-minute fresh songs, which took place on November 6 at the Hall of Sermon.

After three years of silence, one of the legislators, gothic rock and gothic metal are back with a fresh longplay, which became 12-m in the discography of the band. Immediately want a few calm former fans, which during the long years of creativity formation has an impressive amount of Hoffnung, from Lacrimosa not bleshchet something new frankly, musicians treated this time without painful experiments.

Symphonic metal elements on the plate enough with us, evidenced not only hearty melodiousness individual tracks, but also long, and sometimes lengthy tracks, among them want to allocate Tranen der Liebe and Apeiron - Der freie Fall, PT. 1 and PT. 2.

With regard to, perhaps, the most important component of the success of the Lacrimosa - bleak and orthodox atmosphere, all without frills and innovations-blackfathom deeps gloom, alternating insane glee messengers of fate.

For confident in her love of fans, Lacrimosa and Hoffnung them uniquely settles for long time players and playlists, Oh and fresh caught listeners we wish a pleasant immersion into the world of weaved a patchwork of darkness.

15.11.2015 09:07:27

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