Lewis Del Mar
Lewis Del Mar

All tracks are perfectly balanced...

Lewis Del Mar published a work of the same name, which was released on Columbia Records on October 7 and consists of 10 songs.

Last year, the United States has another interesting musical duo, which recently released its debut disc of the same name. Lewis Del Mar is an unusual representation of the classic folk rock format, which thoroughly permeated with original melodies and motifs.

From the first listen focuses around unusual manners vocal Danny Miller, who is also responsible for at least memorable and highly unconventional instrumental. Max Harwood served as drummer and producer and the most notable musician was able to not only concentrate on his instrument, but also make it so that all music bundle adhered to consistent and organically.

Among the Pack of new tracks difficult to choose specific favorites. Lewis Del Mar is the case when all tracks are wonderfully balanced and represent individual stories that really deserve close attention. Despite its lightness, all ideas of Lewis Del Mar for one listening to catch simply impossible, so be prepared for a long and deep immersion in the creative wilds of American duo.

Lewis Del Mar with her eponymous debut album and will cause a furore among all lovers of folk rock music. Highly recommend and wish you pleasant listening!

26.12.2016 16:05:32

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Lewis Del Mar
Lewis Del Mar

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