Hang On!

Limber will paint in your grey everyday life...

Hang On! became the new music album, Limber which includes 8 tracks. Studio work was published 1 January of the current year own label collective.

Musical formations from sunny Spain can produce only radiant, life-affirming and positive plates. Limber some of those gangs that with irony and humor are suitable to carry out the work, but despite this, the quality of the original release did not lower than that of the musicians who positioned extremely seriously.

Hang On! includes far not one genre, but we can say unequivocally that the Limber combined in his work of pop punk, punk rock and hardcore elements. Regarding the latter, we can say that longplee places flashes extreme vocals, for example, an arrangement called The Noble Art of Drawing a Penis. Actually, this whole hardcore and coming to an end. By the way, on this song, in a text component, appears all humor and positive team.

Despite their location, Limber perform their songs in conventional English. To sum up, I would like to say that the musicians are doing it quite well and gave the impression that they speak English at the highest level, almost like native speakers - no accent. Recall that the previous longplay, who was concurrently debut for gangs, was entirely sung in their native Spanish.

Limber for its good album Hang On! bring colour into your grey everyday life. A sloth that pictured on the album cover, will give you confidence and sentiment.

25.01.2016 18:24:37

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Hang On!

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