Love Don't Live Here

Heavy music and true lyrics...

Love Don't Live Here became the new album Lionheart. Longplay consists of 11 songs, which took place on 22 January, Universal.

Heavy music and true lyrics. So, in short, can be characterized by a plate called Love Don't Live Here from the guys from Northern California. West Coast, with regard to musical sphere, has long proven as a place where born advanced punk and hardcore formation. Lionheart with Love Don't Live Here only once again proved this.

Immediately it should be noted that Love Don't Live Here, as all the creativity of the team, is pure hardcore without any strange elements. Playing in such Orthodox genre musicians bypassed completely characteristic themes for style, namely, policy, etc. Text constituent plates includes real and rough life stories, which all of you will tell a guy named Rob, is not without its share of pathos, but really without it.

The music makes you want to just say that Love Don't Live Here to be close to fans of the genre and fans of this band, as Terror. Just with this gang may be drawn, in view of the similarities and close voice timbre instrumental two frontmen. The exception to this is simply that Lionheart doing its job in a more modern manner.

26.01.2016 23:11:36

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Love Don't Live Here

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