Me and That Man
Songs of Love and Death

Me and this man created about style and spirit...

Me and this man released his new studio album, which was named songs of Love and death. The record was released on 24 March at Cook Vinyl Limited and has 13 compositions.

Adam Darski, a better known musical community, as Nergal and behemoth leader, joined with the musician John Porter and recorded the debut album Songs of Love and death for his new project. It is interesting to note that me and this man are as completely different from all of what he did Nergal earlier. Songs of Love and Death are based on country, blues, and %folk%.

All 14 new songs that entered the album are imbued with a fairly gloomy atmosphere and excellent vocals. The tracks are also quite different, but the overall mood and sound of the record does not allow individual songs to stand out or sink on songs of Love and death.

The minimal sound of the guitars and drums gave a huge space where the vocals were able to turn from both musicians. It is also interesting to note that there is virtually no track on the album at the same rate. Thanks to this stunt, the record is not annoying, even though there's an impressive number of songs.

If you want to hear an incredible European country from collaboration two distinguished musicians, the songs of Love and Death are for you. Me and this man created a about style and a spirit that many would have to taste. Have a nice audition!

14.06.2017 10:43:37

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Me and That Man
Songs of Love and Death

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