Metal Church

Heavy metal remains enjoyable and relevant to this day...

Metal Church released a new studio work, which has received the name of XI. Longplay is presented in the form of 11 songs, which occurred on Rat Pak Records March 25.

The famous team from California, especially not puzzled over how to name his 11-th studio work. Interestingly, XI has become for musicians of the second album, which was released after the second group held in Manilla Road project 2012 year.

What is this time we can offer the old-timers metal Metal Church? Essentially all the same good-old, beloved and familiar to pain heavy metal in the best traditions and its manifestation. High vocals, classical poetry, without much frills, galopnye guitars, excellent solo party, well-thought-out drums and of course great sound. All this is a fundamental XI.

If you are frank and proven heavy metal fan, this album will be for you as a home. Though there are no and nothing fundamentally new, but the tracks included in the plate, almost without exception good. Uncompromising Metal Church do not want to amaze and want to prove to everyone that heavy metal remains pleasant and topical to this day for many.

XI from Metal Church certainly deserves the attention of all and sundry. Here is a sample, perhaps the best chance to become a classic metal genre, according to fans. Don't delay pigeonhole acquaintance with 11-th album masters, because they have something to show you.

04.04.2016 16:57:43

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Metal Church

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