Hardwired...To Self-Destruct

Largely justifies the waiting for many years...

Metallica released their recent album 18 November this year called Hardwired. To Self-Destruct. Delux version of the plates came out on Blackened Recordings and has 26 tracks.

Here came the bright hour, when the last group of big four released its new studio work. Interest and the degree of expectations from the 10-th anniversary of the work of the Los Angeles legends was incredibly high, in fact, recall that Metallica's latest album came out back in 2008 titled Death Magnetic.

Actually, how many and presaged, Hardwired. To Self-Destruct returned Metallica even more to roots and origins than previous longplay. Musicians Frank hit in classic thrash metal with elements of heavy metal. It is interesting to note that is Hardwired. To Self-Destruct is divided into three disk. The first includes all previously released singles, such as Hardwired, Atlas, Rise! and the Moth into Flame. On the second drive present 6 not previously listened songs. Well, the third disc, is included in the Deluxe Edition of Hardwired. To Self-Destruct, hit previously released track Lords of Summer, a few cover songs on the classic gang type Deep Purple and Iron Maiden and live versions of many favorite hits.

Hardwired. To Self-Destruct turned out absolutely gorgeous, hot, filigree, exciting and eventful work, which largely justifies the waiting for many years. All these epithets are valid only for those listeners who liking earlier creativity Metallica, but if you don't like all that ever made the legendary band, then most probably Hardwired. To Self-Destruct will not cause for you to reconsider. The album came out extremely conservative and familiar to the group. Pleasant listening!

30.12.2016 12:22:30

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Hardwired...To Self-Destruct

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