If you want to dissolve in the enchanting sounds of the future...

Mogwai have released a new studio work, known as Atomic. Longplay contains 10 tracks, which was held at the Rock Action Records on April 1.

Scottish experimental rockers this time released 9 studio disc and immediately it is worth noting that longplay, as befits a pre Jubilee work extends the musical boundaries and without having a deep team.

On the Atomic Mogwai continue to conquer unexplored musical space. If space was sound, it sounded like Atomic. Scots, as part of its 10 tracks, musical touched on many themes and different stories, which is not typical for the group song called Pripyat. Actually, the guys drew inspiration literally everywhere and this has enabled them, in just two years since the release of previous plates to construct something else not quite similar to themselves.

Guard fans Mogwai new longpleem should be maximally satisfied, because here the team has taken into account all the past wishes listeners and several fresh, as if after a long creative break. Mogwai from their album Atomic has once again proved that they are one of the leaders of post rock scene is absolutely deserved.

If you want to dissolve in the enchanting sounds of the future which no words can tell you about all the 9 studio album entitled Atomic from the Scottish band Mogwai for you. Pleasant listening!

10.04.2016 11:09:45
Genres: Rock, Post Rock

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