Bad Magic

The metal composition of Motorhead hurtles down the road rock'n'roll for many years and never gave their...

MOTORHEAD released their new album, which received the name of Bad Magic. Longplay has 13 songs that came out on August 28.

For the legendary British band, Bad Magic became 23 album in the discography. Without guile, we note that this job waited for all fans of rock'n'roll. MOTORHEAD have cultivated generations of metalhedov, therefore bets on longplay were extremely high.

Lemmy Kilmister and company does not rent turnovers already 39 years, you just think this figure! When first listening to Bad Magic immediately understand that Motorhead strength and energy so much that young simply cannot keep up with legends.

Not even being a fan of Motorhead, even if such there are listeners, will be pleasantly surprised to find that in fresh 13 tracks concluded excessive energy of the old rock'n'roll. The musicians, as the true, observed a native, Motorhead sound a bit lean and saucy.

Speaking specifically about the component, it would be desirable to note the stunning solo throughout the album from Phil Campbell. In addition to the high-speed passages, Phil, as one of the leading composers in smoothly with Lemmy, wrote many classic riffs for the group that eventually resulted in a very balanced album. From the entire Pack tracks stand out only Till the End of his song lyrics. Perhaps it is Till the End vying for the position of ballads.

Many feared for the health of the unchangeable leader Lemmy Kilmister, as the legend will cope with the vast amount of record quite a vocal, referring to recent health problems and the cancellation of the concerts. Mr Kilmister has once again proved that the more charismatic and professional frontman simply does not exist. Has already become a long-recognized heritage voice with a slight huskiness Kilmistera accompanies all tracks frantic energy.

The metal composition of Motorhead hurtles down the road rock'n'roll for many years and never gave those setbacks. All fans of congratulations with this truly worthwhile event, and we, on behalf of the Muzoic team, we wish Lemmy Kilmisteru good health and creative fuse.

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Bad Magic

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