Outer Edges

NOISIA have released greatest diverse album...

NOISIA have released a new album titled the Outer Edges. The album was released on August 5 Vision Recordings and has 18 tracks.

Dutch electronic trio Outer Edges become a full-fledged album. thirds Following the successful I Am Legion musicians took about three years to get the creative thoughts and to release the album, which will be at least not worse than its predecessors.

It is worth noting that the Outer Edges is a real treat for all fans of electronic paths, namely such genres like drum'n'bass, glitch-hop, breakbeat/breaks and not only. Each album by Noisia is something really new and unexplored, particularly for a devoted fan, despite the fact that the plates do not go out as often as I'd like, every fresh longplay surprised not only the music, but also your mood. Outer Edges turned out to be little more than just a mysterious album.

Such compositions of the album like Tentacles, Mantra at the same time unusual and disturbing. Track Surfaceless generally opens the verge of ambient music from Noisia previously touched on only briefly. And that we are not talking about the typical compositions of the group, such as Voodoo.

NOISIA have released greatest diverse album, in the vastness of which every listener can find anything. Outer Edges is the most important and dramatic departure from usual cliches aside the originality and independence. Excellent instrumental disc, where all ideas are concentrated in music. Pleasant listening!

10.10.2016 10:00:54

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Outer Edges

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