Purpose EP

Dry and springy sound like a frosty air, pricks the listener in the right places...

Some of the most respected musicians/producers in the world of drum-n-base swelled its extensive discography of the new release. As we know, in today's world with a dominant digital format, the prefix "EP" can mean everything from two tracks lasting less than five minutes before the full album. Multi-purpose EP was more the second type: the release includes eight tracks that will give a lot of pleasure to fans of uncompromising broken barrels.

Brand sound of Noisia remains inimitable (literally), but practically does not change. But the Dutch firm learned the folk wisdom "from the good good looking" and if to continue the analogy with the Russian folklore, firmly keep its real bird in hand. Dry and springy sound like a frosty air, pricks the listener into the right places. No female vocals, no polyphonic music is far from Noisia, if its release of oscillators and compressors, is no more difficult popular art of the Bushmen. But it works, period.

Those who appreciated the album Split the Atom, will not be disappointed with the new release of the Dutch, that's for sure. The three tracks on the release of "notable" old acquaintances: Phace, Noisia Prolix and Evol Intent, but these are not very different from the General nejrofankovogo sound.

A wonderful example of the EP (and music in General, Noisia if for you is the name of a novelty), the third track Running Blind. Start gently, if older relatives.

14.01.2015 04:58:24

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Purpose EP

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