Time Lapse

The disc perfectly fits in with the mood of the autumn noir...

Normandie released a new studio work titled Time Lapse. In the Bonus Track Edition included 13 tracks, which occurred on 30 September Music Sine.

Electronic musician, who is known for his musical world under the pseudonym Normandie, lounge released their new album. Born in a small German town this time tried to give their work greater vibrance, so fans of ambient music clearly appreciate. In addition, the album can be found lounge and downtempo.

Throughout the 13 tracks, the author persists in trying to convince his listeners that no remarkable mood than his Time Lapse. Among other things, the latter varies from track to track, that makes the illusion of diversity, although album longplay essentially Cowan of the same material.

Naturally, the canons of the genre, Normandie made absolutely instrumental disc, although even if you calculate the vocal presence, we can safely assume that it would be superfluous here. The album is beautiful it is the instrumental part, but more than anything it is not necessary.

Time Lapse from electronic artist Normandie definitely have to like lovers of atmospheric and peaceful music. Studio longplay released surprisingly memorable but simple at the same time. Decent plate, which perfectly fit in with the mood of the autumn film noir. Pleasant listening!

10.11.2016 08:30:53

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Time Lapse

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