Northern Lite
Shuffle Play

Shuffle Play will allow for diversity in your languid days...

Suffle Play became Northern Lite new studio disc, which includes 13 tracks, which took place on 22 January at UnaMusic.

Musician who hides under the creative pseudonym Northern Lite release new album, which became the author of far not the first creative effort. Even at the dawn of the 2000s, Northern Lite armed with electro, techno, alternative styles and started work. Well, in that all this resulted, over the years, we can watch with you on Shuffle Play.

I would like to say at once that the tracks a little where in contact with each other at the plate, because they fundamentally different orientation. What is the song called only Leave, which definitely is destined to become one of the capital hit Shuffle Play. A song with a positive name You Are Not Alone, definitely have the lure you with their revelations and simple but good leitmotif. And similar, unique work on the disc, note, each. So that the listener is definitely find tracks by soul, guaranteed.

German author Northern Lite and his new studio work, Shuffle Play will make their adjustments and variety to your languid days. Songs on the new album, professional, sincere and modern, but it carries a slightly perceptible spirit of the beginning of the 2000's. Do not stay indifferent and visit the wilds Shuffle Play right now.

18.02.2016 05:11:45

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Northern Lite
Shuffle Play

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