Of Mice & Men
Cold World

All new is well forgotten old...

Of Mice & Men released a new studio album, which was called Cold World. Longplay was released 9 September on Rise Records and has 13 songs.

For a start, it is worth noting that Cold World took fourth place in the discography of the American Band Of Mice & Men. On a fresh plate quintet tweaked its own sound in the direction of alternative metal, nu-metal and metalcore, if in the previous longplay Restoring Force could easily detect hints of hard rock, on a fresh plate for this fun place is not found.

New 13 tracks differ incredible dynamics. Rod many songs built around the groove, but the guys did not forgot about melody, which is inherent in them. Many of today's young bands have a certain tendency to return to the sound of the bands that were popular for fifteen or more years ago. Previously for Of Mice and Men observed similar, but with the release of Cold World you can say confidently. However, it is interesting to note that Of Mice & Men gave new music so that you can easily learn the script commands, as well as a variety of influences from other famous bands. In general, Of Mice & Men with his new album broke the pattern established in the minds of many fans of heavy music and combined the spirit of music from different eras, thank them for that.

Of Mice & Men with its four longpleem Cold World should clearly enjoy many listeners such music. All new is well forgotten old and Cold World authors about this recall. Pleasant listening!

03.10.2016 11:15:53

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Of Mice & Men
Cold World

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