Oh My My

Will like all fans of soft and beautiful music...

OneRepublic released fresh longplay, which got the name Oh My My. Delux version of the disc consists of 20 tracks, which happened on Mosley Music October 7.

American boys-band released their new studio work, which occupied the fourth place in the discography of the group. OneRepublic, continuing the concept of the group managed to record 20 really sincere, warm and catching. It is interesting to note that on the album songs such as Heaven and Better presented in two versions, one of which was acoustic.

OneRepublic even before the album's release said that all forces are trying to make a new longplay is so much better than their predecessors, as far as possible, and the guys did not disappoint. The album really differs slightly from what did the musicians before. Oh My My loses even brighter and more saturated their older brothers, so fans can be assured.

As guests of the plates were made by only three performers, namely Cassius, Peter Gabriel and Santigold. Each of these musicians contributed to the diversity of the LP, but not lured away all the attention on himself, leaving the focus on OneRepublic, because Oh My My it's their holiday.

OneRepublic from their new album Oh My My will like all fans of soft and quite beautiful music radioformata. Songs overflowing with emotions, and they are willing to share them with you. Good longplay of the famous band. Pleasant listening!

09.12.2016 15:53:50

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Oh My My

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