Signature sound, and an amazing recording quality...

Oomph! released fresh plate called the XXV. Longplay consists of 14 new songs, which were published on July 31 Airforce Records.

After three years of silence, the pioneers of industrial metal recorded the latest Studio work, which is filled with the usual German atmosphere, which at the moment is recognized from thousands of similar.

In days of yore all fresh tracks performed strictly in their native language. Marching rhythms of the industrial rock meet us on the doorsteps of the album. When we first met with XXV are amazed how much can be grim atmosphere, this is especially palpable in the first three compositions. Starting with the track Als das letzte Mal wärs, Oomph! begin to unfold with the lyrical side, here you and the clean vocals of the unchangeable leader Dereux Goi, and painfully familiar sound synthesizer. For lovers of something simpler, we recommend to pay attention to the song Unter diesem Mond, which unequivocally lays claim to place the most melodic and measured composition, which flaunts only vocals and keyboards - a real expression.

Oomph! not whirl for many years, it was surprised that plate XXV far no worse than its predecessor, which took place in the year 2012. Longplay very balanced mood, songs on the album are exhibited very competently from a musical standpoint. The professionalism and say it's not worth-and signature sound, and an amazing recording quality, and the structure of the compositions also beyond praise. So if you're a long-standing supporter of the team, and the total industrial metal, then you surely will enjoy the XXV.

09.09.2015 10:21:34

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