Opeth have demonstrated the highest level of craftsmanship...

Opeth released a new Studio disc called the Sorceress. The album consists of 16 songs, which occurred at Nuclear Blast Entertainment on September 30.

This release have been waiting for many, if not all. Unlike the previous two crumpled releases, unless, of course, so you can call them, Sorceress turned out to be amazingly powerful. Opeth as some of the pioneers of progressive rock and %progressive metal% on a fresh plate recreated, perhaps the minimum threshold of occurrence, even progressive heavy music and it's not bad.

Speaking of stylistic aspect of the Sorceress we note that pure progressive metal and progressive rock was given to most of the attention. As such there is no death metal and apparently will not. The Sorceress displayed magnificent side musicality of heavy music, and this is perhaps one of the main achievements of the album. Plate, so to speak, the first time listen and almost immediately every listener can for yourself note key points.

Sorceress was even more melodic and acoustic than expected fans, among the 16 tracks, a good two thirds of the songs are exactly. 12 studio work of the Swedes has its own distinctive character, which is slightly different from what did Opeth earlier. The second Blackwater Park here can not wait for the new time, new music.

Opeth have once again demonstrated the highest level of compositional mastery that superbly bound with inimitable vocals permanent leader Mikael Åkerfeldt. All for fans of smart metal. Pleasant listening!

15.11.2016 10:39:24

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