Coming Home

A great return from Pain on the big stage...

Pain released a new album called Coming Home. The 10 songs included longplay which took place September 9 through Nuclear Blast.

More than five years have passed since the release of the latest LPs from the famous musical project Pain. Coming Home, being the eighth work group's discography, literally Pain in the vastness of the music industry. Every fan of Hypocrisy, Pain and every other creative work of maestro Peter Tägtgren in describing Pain new album doesn't exactly need, and for all others, we tell you that group of «pain», consisting of the sole and irreplaceable Peter Tägtgren, we have prepared.

Primarily Coming Home is straightforward and uncompromising industrial metal, but not someone who is used to seeing, we are talking about industrial metal German kind, and on how that Pain virtually created yet at the dawn of the 2000s is not without support varying electronic, industrial metal comes from cold Sweden. On Coming Home, you can clearly hear what fuse in Peter Tägtgren is still there, and most importantly, the musician feels perfectly well what to do. Longplay turned in the best traditions of musical project: the extremely catchy choruses and motives that used to be seen only occasionally, a particular sound, by which many of the mostly unpatient metalheads are learned the Pain literally on several notes.

Coming Home is an excellent return from Pain on the big stage. Language not turn call Coming Home another Dancing With The Dead, but the matter of sound and ideas are touching, and Peter Tägtgren is trying to keep up with the times. Pleasant listening!

07.10.2016 12:51:21

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Coming Home

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