Panda Eyes

Disc fascinates with its professional approach...

Panda Eyes released a new studio work, which has been marked by the as Kiko. The album consists of 16 songs, which took place on 16 October.

Today we visited a young and very promising guy named Oscar Steinbeck, who hides under the creative name Panda Eyes. 18-year-old native of Switzerland released a debut album, and it cost necessarily mention the fact that once everyone listens to the album "Kiko" he had the impression that the Panda Eyes that it is a successful electronic musician, who has long since conquered this light.

Equipped with 16 tracks performed at the junction of such genres like dubstep, glitch and interspersed with other EDM subgenres. As previously mentioned, with the first notes of the album captivates with its professional approach, how to write music, and sound recordings. Note that the Panda Eyes alone dealt with all issues concerning the recording of his brainchild.

I would like to note that when creating a material, the author and adhered to some developments in the scene, but the tracks there is lightweight undiscovered experimental breeze. It is possible that this and subsequent works would grow into a corporate handwriting young performer.

Kiko from Panda Eyes deserves a solid five and this work has all chances to become the loudest explosion in electronic music.

20.10.2015 13:59:52

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Panda Eyes

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