A Shackled Belief

The undeniable advantage of the album is its diversity...

A Shackled Belief became Pangaea fresh longpleem, which premiered December 10 on his own label collective. A Shackled Belief consists of 10 songs.

For a young gang from Sweden, A Shackled Belief became the debut on the big stage. It is worth noting that longplay logged in as completely new tracks, on which musicians have worked extremely long and tracks that were released earlier in format EP album and singles.

A Shackled, Belief is perhaps one of the most successful debut albums in the death metal scene for the last time. Yes, definitely there are shortcomings in terms of sound and production in general, but it is possible to forgive, because musicians recorded and produced album. Another indisputable advantage of the album is its diversity, the diversity of the material. If you do not beat around the bush, A Shackled Belief can be described as melodic death metal with a lion's share of progressive death metal.

Debut longplay Swedes moderately aggressive, melodic. Pangaea at the highest level were able to observe the delicate balance between the two extremes of extreme metal.

A Shackled Belief from Pangaea becomes primarily interesting to fans of mergers, the most difficult styles of music, then definitely of interest just those listeners who are constantly in search of interesting and deserving young music bands.

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A Shackled Belief

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