Parra for Cuva

It was released very atmospheric and amazing...

Parra for Cuva released their new longplay called Darwis. It was released on Project Mooncircle 27 May and consists of 14 tracks.

25-year-old electronic musician and producer Nicolas Demuth, Parra for Cuva, released second longplay throughout his career. As the debut work, which came out a year earlier, based on a combination of lies Darwis subgenres like electronica and ambient, with second musical aspect here given very much attention.

Longplay is absolutely instrumental, which in this case is just immense advantage. It was released very atmospheric and amazing. All enchanting mood, author of the wonderful conveyed through cover Darwis, looking at and listening to the fresh tracks, you can grasp the universal peace and bliss.

Literally from the first notes of the first auditions, Darwis may seem easy and even native disc as if it wrote exclusively for you and about you. The second studio album by German musician really surprised by its simplicity, which is the main element of musicality Darwis.

Parra for Cuva with its fresh album Darwis ready to delight their audience wherever and whenever you want. Truly a worthwhile job for real aesthetes and those fans who know a lot about path. Immediately immerse yourself in the music world who thought Darwis to most things.

16.06.2016 20:08:48

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Parra for Cuva

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