Longplay with relatively classic sound...

Parralox released their latest studio work titled Subculture. In the special edition version of the LP included 14 songs, which occurred on 29 January to Energise Records.

Australian electronic musician who is hiding under the pseudonym Parralox, back in the ranks along with his tenth studio album Subculture. The new disc is presented in all its glory electropop and synthpop music that fans immediately.

To create a new LP, in addition to the permanent John von Ahlen was attended by such personalities of varying degrees of Fame, as Ryan Adames, Marcella Detroit, Marcus Mattsson and many others.

Expectations from the new studio album Parralox almost completely justified. Just looking at the title of the musical project and album in mind already clearly looming image of what lies behind the 14 tracks. This Subculture is not something extraordinary and unusual, it's relatively sound classic longplay and no less classical melodies. Fans of the studio work should definitely be interested, but those who are here for the first time, seriously recommend you take a closer look, and maybe even participate. Good music with his recognizable charm is a Subculture of Parralox. Pleasant listening!

05.04.2017 12:48:52

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