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King of clubs Pitbull has pleased its fan new album "Globalization". Release each track gives listeners positive emotions that makes it relevant as when listening to right after the morning's motives, and relaxing at home after a hard day's work. Pitbull′ promotes the love of all that surrounds you. This love makes his songs full of happiness and positive. On the ideological guide pays special album in the tracks "Fun" and "Wild Wild Love".

Has already gained huge popularity the song "We are one (Ole Ola)" when the fate of Jennifer Lopez, whose participation will undoubtedly surprise many fans of pit bull. The track has turned on the radio and mass events. The rapper did not leave his indolent lifestyle. As full speed Song tracks "broadcast" and "This is not a drill", the rapper mentions allegiances to alcohol and "Sexy Bitches", the meaning of which can and do not speak. Of course, it was difficult to understand than powered by Pitbull, giving the album the name of "Globalization." After all, the artist almost never raised the topic of political and social processes. Perhaps, the rapper hinted us on purpose: make your music worldwide. In this case, it's worth noting that he comes out rather well, because listening to the artist all over the world and not some fans of rap music.

16.01.2015 07:17:59

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