Planning For Burial

Plate smartly suited as background, becomes a constant mood and just dip into your world...

Planning For Burial released third full Studio work whose name is Leaving. Longplay consists of 9 tracks, retired The Flenser.

Volume Voslaka music project, American singer and composer, originates in the distant 2005 year. During his long career, the project managed to record a 3 LP and the myriad splits and EP albums. Planning For Burial immediately priglâdelas′ many admirers of sophisticated and experimental heavy music. Immediately I want to say that Voslak, as the only musician group, took a course on merging such styles as post metal, shoegazing and ambient. Because the volume still better known in the role of lead vocalist, composer, and not many expected a little at the beginning of another music format.

Turning to direct discussion of the plates, it is worth noting that, as such, vocals on Leaving you won't hear, yes there is a small insert in some compositions, but not more than, the main emphasis was on the use of voice as an instrument. It is perhaps this, Planning For Burial are remembered for a long time. By the sound of the album Leaving is very reminiscent of the most creativity Cult Of Luna.

When you create an impressive number of instruments used Leaving, which eventually create stunning sparkling noise, in the good sense of the word. Plate smartly suited as background, becomes a constant mood and just immersing in the world that does not need words.

Perhaps not so much emotion aroused no such work. Voslak worked perfectly on the album cover, which blends in well in all this practically instrumental melancholic picture.

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Planning For Burial

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