X-No Absolutes

The combination of genres completely extraordinary...

Prong released a new studio recording, which was called X-No Absolutes. Longplay consists of 12 tracks, which took place on 5 February on Steamhammer records.

For the American trio Prong, X-No Absolutes was the 12-th studio album. Actually only the name of the left Prong of and a leader who tries to lead a tirelessly creative process - Tommy Victor. This celebrity still occupies the position of frontman and guitarist.

What X-No Absolutes on joy listeners sounds familiar mix of punk, crossover, industrial metal, groove metal and hardcore music straight from the end of 80s. As you can see, the combination of genres completely extraordinary and defies any description of human language. It just needs to hear how Tommy Victor and two of his armed comrade play with sound and create totally unique tracks.

Tracks included in X-No Absolutes, as mentioned earlier, strike its uniqueness and originality. In addition, the songs are not alike, at the expense of what disc is extremely pleasant to listen to no one and not two times.

If you are looking for freshness in the music, grizzled team Prong with a wealth of experience and fresh longplay X-No Absolutes have to you to taste. And finally I want to wish you a pleasant pastime!

08.02.2016 10:41:18

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X-No Absolutes

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