An Atomic Decision

Focused on the dark atmosphere...

Pronostic release fresh longplay, whose name is An Atomic Decision. Longplay consists of 11 songs that were born 10 January and went out on his own label collective.

Canadian metallers Pronostic on new disc struck in explicit melodic death metal that remains combines with the deep, low and high vocals, good bass line, crazy drums party and complicated from the technical side, guitar riffs.

As already hot musicians who are experts in their field, guys don't become Chase technique and emphasized to the dark atmosphere and mood, which hovers on the disc. We hasten to assure you that everything turned out even better than you intended. All fans of the genre will be able to go on an unforgettable adventure for 11 songs and open them a whole new threshold of anger, hatred and despair.

Moments, An Atomic Decision extremely reminiscent of fresh creativity of The Black Dahlia Murder, so listeners notice team must first pay attention to the release. All 11 songs on the show undergoes in the crazy rhythm and speed, but here very much openly melodic moments, as dictated by the genre. On longplay, it would seem, there is a lot of musical contradictions, but all of them, thanks to the skillu musicians, sound just like zest. Don't miss this opportunity to meet really decent team and his new album An Atomic Decision.

22.02.2016 10:11:59

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An Atomic Decision

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