Red Fang
Only Ghosts

A powerful album that has its own character...

Red Fang have released a new album, which received the name Only Ghosts. It was released on October 14 at Relapse Records is delux version of the 12 tracks.

For the American Quartet this disc became the fourth full-fledged work. Here the musicians brought almost to perfection the history, which is littered with paints of stoner rock, stoner metal and hard rock.

Surprisingly turned out to be varied within longplay genre and even frankly not usual, but it's all the same familiar Red Fang, that and a few years ago. Separately worth noting the Shadows songs Flies and Living in Lye, which is good in a special way. As bonus tracks on the longplee Dumb Guy and represented One Hit Two Hit, one of which is entirely instrumental.

If you wait for revelations, then Only Ghosts is not. Only Ghosts are simply good luck other than studio works of American rednecks and representatives of stoner scene. Musicians only to hone their skills, ideological, but not protrude in special experiments.

You like this style or you are are a fan of Red Fang? Then, in any case, Only Ghosts you got. In our humble opinion, on a fresh plate of Americans, more than ever, is a huge number of tracks, which deserves close attention. A good, powerful album that has its own character and sometimes he too acerbic and aggressive, with a corresponding sound. Pleasant listening!

22.12.2016 10:55:12

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Red Fang
Only Ghosts

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