Regina Spektor
Remember Us to Life

Soft and cuddly longplay with character...

Remember Us to Life became the new album for Regina Spektor. Longplay was released on Sire Records on September 30 and consists of 14 tracks.

For the American singer, who was born in the USSR, Remember Us to Life became the seventh studio work. Despite his artistic modesty and Remember Us-facing yard has quite to Life Regina Spektor already in no way will be able to dodge the beams generous thanks fans.

Fresh plate of his sound is close and clear all hotly favourite fans of creativity. As before, except the texts, all music created by Regina Spektor itself, therefore all tunes quite naturally are located throughout the album. As far as genre aspect, Remember Us to Life resembles a mixture of pop music and alternative. In plain language, longplay over radioformat, soft and pleasant, but it is of a nature that is fundamentally not like what is happening in the extremely popular scene.

Remember Us to Life except for singles that came out earlier, included a lot of fresh hits, for example composition called Grand Hotel. Bleeding Heart, Small Bill $, Black and White, Older and Taller also never disappeared and found his place on the seventh Studio disc, 36-year-old singer.

If you this day you want something light, but extremely attractive and stylish, then Regina Spektor with its fresh studio album Remember Us to Life clearly to your liking. Pleasant listening!

05.11.2016 10:07:44
Genres: Pop, Indie Pop

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Regina Spektor
Remember Us to Life

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